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As of August 2020, Ernesto de León works as a PhD student at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies, University of Bern. Originally from the Dominican Republic, Ernesto completed his bachelor’s in International Relations at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Querétaro, Mexico, before obtaining his research master’s degree in Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, where he specialized in political science and communication.  Currently, Ernesto’s research focusses on the interconnection of social network sites, news consumption behaviour, and political attitudes, with an emphasis on computational methodology for the social sciences.

  • de  León,  E.,  Trilling.,  D  (2020).   Sad,  Angry,  Love:   Emotional  Engagement  and  Dissemination  of Political News on Facebook, Manuscript Under Review
  • de León, E., Vermeer, S., Trilling., D (2020). Electoral News Sharing: A Comparative Study of News Coverage and Facebook Sharing Behaviour During Elections in Mexico. Manuscript Under Review
  • de León, E., Vermeer, S., Trilling., D (2020). How context matters to news sharing: Comparing the predictors of Facebook interactions with news items in electoral and routine periods. In: Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenschap (ETMAAL2020); Feb 6-7, 2020

Research interests

  • Political communication
  • News consumption behaviour
  • Political content engagement on social network sites
  • Media framing effects