Dr. Beatrice Eugster

Senior Assistant

Institute of Communication and Media Studies

+41 31 684 48 40
A 135
Postal Address
University Bern
Institute of Communication and Media Studies
Fabrikstrasse 8
3012 Bern

Since January 2014, Beatrice Eugster has been a senior assistant at the Institute of Media and Communication Studies. She worked for the project “The Role of Parties in the Politicisation of European Integration,” a research cooperation with the University of Landau (co-financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation). In this context, she dealt with the impact of Euroskeptic parties on other parties and the media. Currently, she works for the IFC “Religious conflicts and coping strategies” in project 7 “Political Instrumentalization of Islam?”. This project examines how in the run-up to the national initiative “Ja zum Verhüllungsverbot” (Yes to the Mask Ban)” Islam and Muslims are represented in the Swiss media and how these representations affect not only attitudes and perceptions but also political behaviour of the non-Muslim Swiss population. She also teaches classes on political communication at the bachelor’s level.

Her PhD thesis focuses on poverty, immigrants and their social and work rights (University of St. Gallen). Between 2002 and 2009 she studied political science, economics, and the history of art at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Research interests

  • Political Communication
  • European Politics
  • Immigration and National Identity
  • Comparative Welfare State Research
  • Media represetation of Muslims and Islam and attitudes
  • ICA
  • SVPW


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Journal Article

Eugster, Beatrice; Arlt, Dorothee; Schmidt, Franzisca (2022). The relationship between differential media exposure and attitudes towards Muslims and Islam and the potential consequences on voting intention towards banning veiling in public. Communications DeGruyter 10.1515/commun-2021-0004

Eugster, Beatrice (2021). Variations of Public Opinion Towards Face Veiling: Arguments in the Swiss Debate. Swiss political science review, 27(4), pp. 712-730. Wiley 10.1111/SPSR.12480

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Eugster, Beatrice; Adam, Silke; Jansen, Severin; Maier, Michaela (2021). Negativity about Europe: Does it propel parties’ media visibility? Communications, 46(4), pp. 564-587. De Gruyter 10.1515/commun-2019-0145

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Jansen, A. Severin; Eugster, Beatrice; Maier, Michaela; Adam, Silke (2019). Who Drives the Agenda: Media or Parties? A Seven-Country Comparison in the Run-Up to the 2014 European Parliament Elections. The international journal of press, politics, 24(1), pp. 7-26. Sage 10.1177/1940161218805143

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Newspaper or Magazine Article

Eugster, Beatrice; Arlt, Dorothee (October 2019). "Burka-Initiative": So denkt die Schweiz. DemoSCOPE-News, 2019(2), pp. 4-5. Demo SCOPE AG


Eugster, Beatrice (2018). Immigrants and Poverty: The Role of Labour Market and Welfare State Access. London; New York: ECPR Press / Rowman & Littlefield International

Conference or Workshop Item

Eugster, Beatrice (3 February 2020). The Swiss initiative “Yes to veiling ban”: dividing the left and uniting the right? (Unpublished). In: SVPW Jahreskongress/Annual Meeting of the Swiss Political Science Association 2020. Luzern. 03.02.-04.02.2020.

Eugster, Beatrice (5 September 2019). The justification of parties’ positions on European issues in EP election debates (Unpublished). In: ECPR General Conference.

Eugster, Beatrice; Bathelt, Severin; Adam, Silke; Maier, Michaela (26 May 2018). Euroskeptic Parties' Influence on the Media Agenda: A Seven Country Analysis of Media Agenda-Building in the Up-Run to the 2014 European Parliament Elections (Unpublished). In: 68th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association - "Communication and the Evolution of Voice". Prague, Czech Republic. 24.05.-28.05.2018.

Eugster, Beatrice; Adam, Silke; Bathelt, Severin; Maier, Michaela (26 May 2018). Does negativity about Europe push parties on the media agenda? A seven-country comparison on parties' influence on the media agenda in the up-run to the 2014 European Parliament elections (Unpublished). In: European elections and political structuring - Workshop. WZB, Berlin, Germany. 25.05.-26.05.2018.

Bathelt, Severin; Eugster, Beatrice; Maier, Michaela; Adam, Silke (22 November 2017). Still the question: Who sets Europe on the agenda – political parties or mass media? A seven country comparison in the run-up to the 2014 European Parliament elections. (Unpublished). In: ECREA Pol Com Interim Conference 2017. Zürich. 22.11.-23.11.2017.

Eugster, Beatrice (21 January 2016). Immigrants and their social rights of citizenship (Unpublished). In: Jahreskongress 2016 der Schweizerische Vereinigung für Politische Wissenschaft (SVPW) - "Die Krise in der Ukraine: Reaktionen der internationalen Gemeinschaft". Basel, Switzerland. 21.01-22.01.2016.

Eugster, Beatrice (29 August 2015). How parties justified the 2014 EP election debate. A comparative analysis in six EU countries (Unpublished). In: ECPR General Conference. Montreal, Canada. 26.-29.08.2015.

Adam, Silke; Antl-Wittenberg, Eva; Eugster, Beatrice; Leidecker, Melanie; Maier, Michaela; Schmidt, Franzisca (14 March 2015). The interplay between Euroskeptic challenger and pro-European mainstream parties – A six country comparison of strategic party communication in the run-up to the 2014 European Parliament election (Unpublished). In: SGKM-Jahrestagung "Kontexte und Konsequenzen: Ansätze und Erträge der vergleichenden Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft". Bern, Schweiz. 13.-14.03.2015.

Eugster, Beatrice (18 November 2014). The structure of the debate on EU integration issues. A comparative analysis of party communication in the EP 2014 elections (Unpublished). In: Campaigning for Europe 2014: Parties, Mass Media and Voters in the European Parliamentary Elections 2014. Annweiler-Bindersbach, Germany. 17.-19.11.2014.

Adam, Silke; Eugster, Beatrice; Maier, Michaela; Leidecker, Melanie; Arlt, Dorothee; Schmidt, Franzisca (5 September 2014). Politicization of EU integration – the right-wing challenge for mainstream parties‘ 2014 EP campaign communication (Unpublished). In: European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) Conference. Glasgow. 03.-06.09.2014.

Eugster, Beatrice (12 June 2014). How political economies affect immigrants' socio-economic incorporation. A comparative analysis of immigrants’ poverty risks across advanced industrialised countries (Unpublished). In: BIGSSS International Conference 2014 - Social Stratification and Social Policy. Bremen, Germany. 12.-13.06.2014.

Eugster, Beatrice; Camia, Valeria (31 January 2014). How parties frame social citizenship and the inclusion of immigrants in Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (Unpublished). In: Jahreskongress 2014 der Schweizerische Vereinigung für Politische Wissenschaft (SVPW) - Schweizer Politik im Umbruch?. Berne, Switzerland. 30.-31.01.2014.

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