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Ani Baghumyan

PhD Student

Institute of Communication and Media Studies

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University Bern
Institute of Communication and Media Studies
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As of February 2022, Ani Baghumyan works as a research assistant and PhD student at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies, University of Bern. Originally from Armenia, Ani completed her bachelor’s in English & Communications at the American University of Armenia, before obtaining her research master’s degree in Communication Science at the University of Vienna.  Her research interests lie in the area of political communication, populist communication, conspiracy theories, and media effects.

  • Baghumyan, A., Kulichkina, A., Mayen, S., Matthes, Jörg. (2022). Effects of Right-Wing Populist Communication Frames on Party Support: The Role of Emotions and Agreeableness. Accepted in the upcoming 72nd International Communication Association Conference (ICA), 26-30 May 2022, Paris, France.
  • Kulichkina, A., Baghumyan, A., Balderama, D., Gil de Zúñiga, H. (2020, October). Who Trusts Journalists More. Presentation at The World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) Conference, October 6-9, Online.
  • Political communication
  • Populist (far-right) communication
  • Conspiracy theories and misinformation
  • Media effects
  • Social networks, norms, bias, and prejudice